My mission is share with others that Life Can Be Good, when you look at things from a different perspective.  Using a holistic approach to life coaching, it is possible to move forward and get unstuck from your current situation.

I’m Adriana Ellis a wife and mother who has struggle with her weight and feeling kind of lost in life - like there should be more.  I was leading a good life but just wasn't happy and didn't know why.  I began my journey learning how I can find happiness and contentment in life - within myself.  By changing my thinking my life began to be better.  I now share that with others, so they can improve their lives as well.

Who do I work with:

I love working with women who have come to realize that there maybe something more to life, that just the same old routine.  I love working with women who are ready to do the inner work.  There is a mind/body/soul connection that can make your life better, if your somewhat spiritual but not necessarily religious, then my coaching may be right for you.

My coaching style:

I am a practical, sometimes humorous coach who is straight forward and to the point.  My job is to help you see alternatives to your current thinking.  I also am your accountability partner and sometimes play the devils advocate. We get down to the facts about your beliefs and I help you to see them, so you can decided what habits you wish to change and which you should keep.

I do this without guilting or making one feel bad about themselves.  Coaching is done in a supportive way that helps you see your own power.    All the coaching I do, I do personally... you will never be assigned to "one of my team."   

What I know:

What you think and your beliefs create the results you currently have in your life.  I am a big supporter of the Law of Attraction and I teach my clients a very practical way to apply the Law of Attraction.  It is not as mystical as you think. And the big Law of Attraction guru's leave you with an impression that it's all about your thoughts... there is more to it, and I teach you how it really works.

What about you:

Have you decided that diets are not working for you to lose weight, or do you need to get a different focus on life?

Do you need clarity on how to find happiness, joy or even peace in your life?  If your ready to take a look inward and use holistic methods to improve your life, then maybe it's time to consider Personal Development Coaching with a Life Coach.

What makes me qualified to coach you:

I am a:​
Certified Elite Life Coach
Certified Weight Loss Coach
Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach
Am I Hungry?® Licensed Facilitator​ and Coach

Nationally Certified Food Addictions Coach

Certified Hypnotist

Reiki Master

Law of Attraction Practitioner

EFT Practitioner

Theta Healing Practitioner
I'm here to listen to you and help you get clarity, focus and develop a plan to reach your goals!

Got Question?

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.  Email me at:

or call me at 780-934-1576.


What Is Coaching & How Does It Work?

Coaching is the use of personal coaching techniques that involve asking questions to bring about long term change. The aim is to put the responsibility for behaviors firmly in the individual’s court. Based upon the relationship between attitude and the mind body relationship, coaching is a holistic approach.

A coach will also work with the individual to establish what their original beliefs, values and behaviors. These can be explored with a view to adopting adaptations of these beliefs and behaviours that will be of benefit to the individual. The coach can also help to keep the individual in touch with their desires goals.

A coach will also help the individual to set realistic goals and help develop plan to attain the goals. This plan can include actions, research and education.  The plan is also driven by the individual, so it is tailored to them and not a generic plan. The coach will help to consolidate all the ideas of the individual into steps which take them towards their goal. This is often the part we struggle with.

The coach does not tell the individual what to do.  The coach works with the individual to determine what the best course of action for that individual should be and add it to their plan.

Coaches chose to work in a variety of methods. The most common is one-to-one coaching, either by telephone or face to face. Some coaches work in groups running classes and workshops. There is also e-coaching, which is working via email, webinars and instant messaging. Some coaches are beginning to launch on line courses, where email support and exercises are given to the individual for them to work on in their own time.

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