Caffeine Free Challenge

Welcome I would like to tell you a bit about why I am offering this Caffeine Free Challenge.  As I Certified Weight Loss Coach and a Certified Food Addictions Coach, I know that what we put in our bodies affect our health, our bodies, our minds and our happiness.

Why did I pick Caffeine?  Well because so many of us use caffeine to keep us going each an every day.  We have a thought about how caffeine gives us more energy and keeps us awake, so we can keep going in our busy daily lives.  But the truth is caffeine is draining us of our energy instead of giving us energy.  This is what I would love for us to uncover in the next 7 days during the Caffeine Free Challenge.

During this Challenge you will receive daily emails discussing the challenges and benefits of going caffeine free.

Your name will also be entered into a draw for a FREE Coaching session with me.  A $120 Value.

Ready to give the Challenge a try?

Your mission is to sign up below to participate in this 7 day Caffeine Free Challenge.  This is your mission - should you choose to accept it.  This message will self destruct is 30 seconds (just kidding!)